My Trip Afterwards ...

After my chemotherapy and radiation I knew I didn't want to do classic rehab. On the one hand, I didn't want to run the risk of being in a facility in which many people may be negative and just talk about how badly it had hit them, on the other hand, the rehab programs did not seem to me what I needed. I wanted adventure, freedom and life and so I created my own small tour of Germany.

In 2012, I was again faced with a choice due to further private fatalities. I had the feeling of standing at an intersection and having to choose between "sinking" and "living". I knew the only person I could change was myself and I knew that if I didn't take action now and change something, I wouldn't survive because the emotional pain was so great. So I started healing the inner child, came to further meditations and afterwards a whole new, spiritual world opened up for me.


In 2014 I flew with a small tour group to southern England to the heart chakra of the earth, Glastonbury, which is also known as the place where the mystical Avalon was once supposed to have been. After a week, I was in my strength, feeling healthier and more free than ever. Three years later, after months of depressing moods, I was back in this magical place and he put all my shares in me back in the right place. Avalon's healing energies worked again. That was the moment when I decided I wanted to enable other people to do the same and offer retreat trips to the magical Avalon.

In October 2017 I moved to Glastonbury for my personal healing journey and to grow spiritually. After ten months, I now have a call to put my retreat into practice.


Julia Sieckmann, spiritual counselling, card reader, make-up artist


Stefanie is responsible for the organization in the background and is also available for telephone advice and orders on 0157 374 98 664

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