Put in Commission

We sell your used real hair band

Do you have a real hair band, you no longer need it and would like to sell it?
We offer you the platform for professional presentation, marketing, advice and take on the resale.


The real hair band should be in good condition and cleaned. Alternatively, you can leave it to us and we will clean it for you, the cost is 40 euros.

We also need in advance:

  • the order number of the real hair band (if not known, all information: quality, dimensions, colors, length, volume, date of purchase)
  • the model
  • a current photo
  • was it treated? (Coloured? Cut?)
  • the original price

What is a commission?

  1. You, as the principal, leave us, the commission agents, your real hair band as commission goods for the purpose of sale to third parties.
  2. The commission contract is concluded for a period of 6 months from the signing of the contract. If the real hair band is not sold after 6 months, it is decided whether it will be included in the commission for a further 6 months.
  3. The commission agent is generally entitled to 30% of the gross sales proceeds, but at least 50 euros as sales commission. The remaining 70% will be transferred to the principal within 14 days of the sale or paid out.
  4. The real hair band remains with the commission agent for the duration of the agreed time. If the principal finds a buyer privately within the 6 months, the sale must also be carried out via the commission agent. In this case, the commission is only 15% of the agreed sales price.
  5. The storage fee for each real hair band is 18 euros for 6 months and must be paid in advance when the contract is signed. If it comes to a sale beforehand, the remaining months will be offset, paid out or offset against the sales amount. If the principal dissolves the contract before the agreed time, the fees will not be reimbursed.
  6. In the event of a sale, the customer will be notified by us within a week.
  7. If the real hair band cannot be sold within the agreed time, a decision will be made between the principal and the commissioner about an extension, return shipment or collection. In the case of an extension, the storage fee is due again. If a return shipment is agreed, this will be borne by the customer.
  8. The real hair band is excluded from exchange and return. However, can be re-admitted to the commission on the above conditions.

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Stefanie führt das Geschäft

Bei Fragen zu unseren Echthaarbändern, für eine telefonische Beratung oder Bestellung könnt ihr uns unter 0157 374 98 664 oder per Mail info@weilduschoenbist.de erreichen.

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