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For many women, the day of their own wedding is one of the highlights in their lives. Everything should be perfect. Years ago we were already imagining how we wanted to look on our “most beautiful day”. What dress will we wear? What makeup do we put on? What is the perfect hairstyle? But what do you do when the diagnosis of cancer and the associated chemotherapy or alopecia thwart us? Suddenly the “perfect day” seems very far from what we once imagined.

One option is of course wigs. However, these offer little play for romantic updos. In addition, the scalp is often very sensitive in alopecia and in this case a wig can only be worn for a short time or not at all.

If you cannot make friends with the alternative, namely topless, and do not want to do without a beautiful wedding hairstyle or who is invited as a guest to a festive occasion, the double-sided real hair band is just right for you. From half-open waves to artistic, romantic updos, everything is possible. But it can also be easily integrated into everyday life. So you can make a loose braid for shopping in a few minutes or wear your hair in a bun.

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