Healing trip to Avalon 2014 part 3 - my power animal

After such an intense day, it could only be an intense night. Already in Glastonbury I had the desire to sleep outside in nature only with a sleeping bag. On the one hand I could look at the stars forever, on the other I wanted to be even more connected to nature. Martin, the guide, who now and then spends the night in the open air, made this little adventure possible for me and offered himself as a protector. As a woman alone, I probably would have had my inhibitions.

Already on the way to our berth I feel like Frodo and Sam. After all, they also traveled across the country with their backpacks and had to sleep outdoors. The grass is wonderfully soft and almost more comfortable than the mattress in my youth hostel loft bed. Surprised by so much comfort, I snuggle into my sleeping bag. Even though I am very comfortable, I cannot fall asleep that night. I know from past sleepless nights that I usually doze off every now and then and relax the next day. So I relax and my thoughts by telling myself that my body will regenerate one way or the other and that I will have enough strength for the upcoming hike the next day.

At some point I turn on my stomach and put my right arm over my head. This seems to me to be a wonderfully relaxing position. Suddenly I hear something in the grass behind me. It was clear that there are also animals here, I think and try not to be disturbed by it. When I even identified the animal as a dog, there are certainly no wolves here anymore, I am even slightly annoyed and wonder who goes for a walk with his dog so early in the morning. However, I am too tired to move. The dog obviously doesn't. He comes closer and sniffs and I can already feel him at the level of my legs. When will he finally be called back? When he is at the level of my neck, it gets a little too uncomfortable and I start to move. At that moment he bites. Briefly in the hand, then on the neck. I straighten my torso and see Martin sleeping next to me. I cry out for help, but he doesn't move. What kind of deep sleep does the man have? So much for “protectors”. I can still feel the dog's neck as my strength slowly loses and I sink to the ground. That's it, I think, while I call for help again in a weak voice. I get sleepy and then I'm gone. And there again immediately. I still feel something on my neck. No more bite, but something is close to my neck. There is a spot centered on the back of my neck where I shouldn't get too close, because a shiver runs through me a few centimeters away and I notice that there is something in my energy system. And there is something else right there. I slap my hand there, startle, and turn around. But there is nothing. The sky is getting bright again and I look around confused. Martin wakes up from this, finally. "Was there a dog here?" I ask. Sleepy and not really able to communicate at this time, I get a “No.” in response and he goes back to sleep. Me too. As I slowly sink back into a comfortable sleep, I already suspect what had happened ...

When you sleep in nature, you become an early bird. The sky is too bright for me to sleep before the sun rises. So we pack our sleeping bags together and make our way to the youth hostel, which is the closest of all guest houses to freshen up. On the way there we cross the coastal pawn and see a delicate, sleepy landscape wrapped in fog. It is beautiful and just for this sight it was worth sleeping outside. In fact, the day before I asked myself whether the stone coasts could also be covered in fog, since the sea is further down. But now I see the picture that I saw in meditation the day before and that led me to the question.

When we meet the group, I tell Manuela my “dog story” again and it quickly becomes clear that the wolf is now with me as a power animal. I've had physical experiences while sleeping or lucid dreams, especially as a child. However, this has been increasing again for a few months and I have never had such an intense experience as last night. Even if the first, conscious contact was a little scary, I quickly became fond of my beautiful, silver-gray wolf.

We are on the way. The hike goes north along the coast. We do the first mediation on a ledge. At the request of our group, Martin will do a guided meditation with us this time. After various signs and images, a beautiful woman suddenly appears in my mind's eye with long, wavy red hair and huge angel wings. She is one of the most beautiful, feminine women I have ever seen. She hands me a brightly shining ball of light, which I accept and close in my heart.

The next stop is the Atlantic. So we go down the cliffs into the bay. Once at the bottom, it means “shower first, then bathe”. There is not only the Atlantic Ocean there, but also a very beautiful waterfall. The way there is a little slippery and you have to concentrate a little to avoid slipping on the slippery stones. You will then be rewarded with a gentle drizzle and a small rainbow. Then it goes straight into the sea. If you swim around the rocks on the left, you come into a cave. Since I was of course the first down at the water, I am also the first at the cave. Next Martin comes swimming and together we go into the cave.

I turn on my back, spread my arms and let the water carry me towards the beach. I love lying on the water. You feel so light and it's like floating. When we arrive at the beach, it becomes clear that the tide has already come a long way, so we say goodbye and head back up.

We continue along a stream. At one point we stop and I immediately go back into the cool water, because at one point in the stream you can sit wonderfully and I have the feeling that the last parts of old, energetic deposits which no longer fit into my system loosen and be carried down towards the Atlantic. Then we make some perceptions again. First of all, we perceive the energies of air and water. Then it gets even more exciting and Martin tells us about the presence of a large water being. Because there are a lot of fairies around, we also do a little experiment and try to get in touch with a fairy by inviting them on the palm of our hand. I have an extremely good imagination and cannot differentiate whether the perception is based only on this or whether there is actually a magical little fairy on my hand. The only way to clear up such confusion and doubt seems to be practice, practice and practice again to sharpen and sensitize your own perception.

The next stop is a dilapidated old mill in the Rocky Valley. There we meet the well-known labyrinths, which are printed on maps worldwide or processed as jewelry. The female and the male. In the perception we make there, I have the feeling that an energy beam is emanating from it. I even notice how my heartbeat speeds up a bit, but this time it is not uncomfortable (as it was in the crop circle back then).


Over fields and through a beautiful, magical forest through which a stream flows, we continue to the next stop, which is a very special place for me again. St. Neclans Glen, a very impressive, powerful waterfall. I am again the first one on the water. Once at the bottom you have to look around the corner again to see the waterfall. Curious and slightly excited, I jump over the stones that stand in the shallow water and suddenly stand in front of a pool of water into which the water gently flows from a hole in the rock face. One can only guess what is behind the rock wall with the hole. The waterfall flows into this rear pool.

In my youthful play instinct I want to jump into the water right away, but I have the feeling that I have to ask the water or the beings there first if I can do this at all, because this place not only seems very powerful to me, but somehow also as sacred. So I ask my question in my mind and immediately get a "Sure, come here." Martin also gives the “go” and I am glad that there is still time for it. In a hurry I take my clothes off, the swimsuit is still underneath, and make my way over the stones to the point where the water flows so powerfully down from the upper pool. I feel that this place is very feminine and I see women (maybe priestesses?) Who come here for rituals or who came once. If the last few days the water was more for cleaning and letting go of the old one, I still have a cleansing, refreshing feeling here, but instead of letting go, something comes to me this time. Accepting my own strength and feminine strength. I accept this gift with thanks.

The perception during the subsequent meditation is also very intense. In the upper water basin I see a spiral which, like the water, moves very powerfully. Martin explains that this place is like a transition and the upper basin is like the entrance. I also see a huge, beautiful, powerful angel and the feeling that I had before meditation, namely that this holy place is particularly important for women, intensifies. This is also a place where I would like to stay longer, but unfortunately we have to make our way back because it will close soon. We end the evening with an excellent Italian and I notice how it works inside me and exhausts so much that I would like to sleep right away. This morning I was also slightly sick and I haven't had any appetite since the first day in Tintagel, which also makes me aware of the enormous internal processes that take place in me. I also have the feeling that this is the beginning of releasing more extra pounds that are no longer necessary. But there will probably be a contribution to this shortly, since I can confirm this assumption now, two weeks later, and will therefore relate to the starting topic of this diary ;) ;)

The last full day of our trip begins. We go to the King Arthurs Great Hall, which was built over 100 years ago by a fan of the Sage. First there is the story told in a vestibule with a small light show. However, I like the story of Marion Zimmer Bradley better, since it of course deals much more with the people and procedures and processes, while we only hear about the "evil Morgain" here and I have long since stopped believing that someone simply " is evil. Then it goes on into the big hall and, even if everything is rebuilt and not so old, some things feel familiar. I'm not sure if this is possibly due to my Lord of the Rings and Middle-earth obsession. When I sit on the big stone throne, I feel pretty royal right away and have to smile. I just feel the power for the first time in my life and I like it. But Ben Parker already knew “Great responsibility comes from great power”. (Ok, probably should be said that Stan Lee was the wise man behind these words). Everyone sits on the throne once and it is exciting to see the reactions of others to it. While some say very clearly that they do not feel comfortable and rather see themselves in the role of consultant, others seem to like the space quite well. Then we do an exciting test, because after everyone is through, I immediately sit on the throne again. It's my place somehow. Subject Martin approaches the throne and asks to sit next to my royal highness. The wish is granted to him ... or no! But not! Path! When he sits next to me I get such dislike that I send him back down immediately. This is my throne!

For me personally, this little experiment stands for how important it is for everyone to take their own throne and not jump onto that of the other or maybe sit at the feet of the other and worship him. This is particularly important in relationships. First of all, everyone should be aware of themselves and come into their own strength and power. There is, as a little tip, a particularly beautiful meditation by Robert Betz which says "Take your throne again." Of course, this is a process that does not go from one day to the next, and the topic of self-love and self-esteem are essential components to return to your own throne. This goes hand in hand with “working through your own topics and beliefs”. In this way you come into love more and more and go further and further away from the ego and fear (which in my personal opinion has nothing to do with a relationship) and when you take back your throne you feel as free as never before . You are filled with yourself and have such an unshakable confidence in yourself, in life and in "the plan of the higher self" that you don't need anything from outside to feel good or lovable. Everything that comes from the outside is an addition, which of course can be incredibly fun and enjoyable. But it is no longer necessary, since we are now giving ourselves what we may have previously obtained from outside. This freedom in love is one of the most beautiful feelings I've ever had. I think relationships work best

Three years ago, cancer struck a small stone. When the avalanche didn't really get going, my father then broke a whole boulder with his breaking off of contact and this triggered an avalanche that nothing and nobody could stop. I surrendered to the river. Dived again and again into the seemingly infinite depths of despair and was then thrown up as if by a geyser at the bottom of the ground to heights that I did not think was possible. I see life in front of me as if it consists of various but thousands of gears and some bikes are still standing there alone until something has suddenly changed again and they now mesh and get something moving again. It was the same with the trip. A few years ago a friend gave me a book about the Avalon fog. Years later I remembered it and got all the audio books from Marion Zimmer Bradley. This was last year and after that I knew I had to go to southern England. With this thought I came to the side of Martin Voltersen and I knew “this will be important”. Another year later, I start the trip and have no exact expectations of what will happen. I only know that something will happen. Already on the first day back in Germany I became aware of the experiences and the developments associated with them, because I am so full of myself and feel more secure than ever. I know that everything is going according to plan, even if I don't really know it yet. Now that I am writing the last part of this report, with Ludovico Einaudi on my ears, I am fully aware of the extent of this trip. She brought the missing pieces of the puzzle together and sorted out the last, no longer consistent ones. It took me to a whole new level of assumptions about my body, my self, and my self-love. It gave me confidence and security in life that I would never have thought possible. A part of my life seems to have ended and the journey continues.

Zusammengefasst könnte man über die geomagische Reise sagen, dass sie Prozesse beendete und neue anregte. Ich habe das Gefühl, dass sich meine Schwingung generell erhöht hat. Allen zu danken, welche grundsätzlich an meinen Lern- und Wachstumsprozessen beteiligt sind oder waren, wäre nun ein wenig zu umfangreich. Auf diese Reise bezogen möchte ich erst einmal Merle danken, welche mir das Buch gab und somit den Impuls zu dieser Reise setzt, eine lange Zeit vor dieser Reise. Auch möchte ich mich bei der wundervollen Gruppe und allen Teilnehmern bedanken, die ebenso Teil des Ganzen waren. Ich habe mich sehr wohl mit euch gefühlt und hoffe, den ein oder anderen in der Zukunft noch mal wieder zu sehen 🙂

A very special thanks goes to Martin Voltersen, who organized this trip and made it possible and let us all go our own way according to the Socratic method, learning through self-experience. You gave exactly the right impulses at the right time and I think it will have been similar to not just me, but everyone else. With your geomagic trips you have accomplished something wonderful and I am sure that in the future you will still be able to offer many people an opportunity for growth and further development, as you did for me! Thank you!



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