Healing trip to Avalon 2014 part 2 - Tintagel

I leave Glastonbury with mixed feelings. On the one hand I would have loved to stay longer, on the other hand I am looking forward to discovering new places and especially to the Atlantic! The journey takes a little over two hours. Before we go to Tintagel, however, we go a little further south to the Atlantic coast. While driving through Cornwall, soft, undulating Landscapes past us. The area is getting more and more beautiful and I notice how I picture myself living here. As mentioned in another article, I seem to have the migratory gene and fly wherever my heart takes me. Even if my heart used to flee from strange roommates, neighbours or areas. Life feels exciting and strange when you are so much outside and so little in contact with yourself. Today I learned that the term fate consists of chic and sal and means quasi clever salvation. Fortunately, fate intervened at some point, but that's another topic, which you can also read briefly in the following post: The day I got lost to find myself again.

Back to Cornwall. The closer we got to the Atlantic, the greater my inner unrest. I really want to see, smell and feel the sea! When it finally comes into sight, my heart almost bursts with joy.

After a short coffee break we finally walk along the coast. I can't believe how beautiful it is there and feel very lively. Then it goes down the cliffs and I am happy to have my hiking shoes with me. The steps are quite irregular and you sometimes feel like a hobbit walking on Elf stairs.

Once at the bottom I take off my shoes and suddenly it starts. The stone cliffs and rocks, the water and the waves, the wind. All these things around me kindle my spirits like never before. If I had previously thought that I was overflowing with joy, this feeling multiplied again tenfold.


We make the first perception in a cave through which you can reach another section of the beach. I don't really have to concentrate to be aware of anything, since I have noticed something physically and emotionally for a few minutes. It is rather difficult for me to concentrate and calm down because I would like to cheer loudly with all my heart. Apparently the same is true of the others and Heike, from whom I have the feeling that our perceptions often coincide, describes her feelings quite similarly. I already dubbed the beach in my mind “The Sex Beach” because I would like to jump around naked and loll around on the beach. However, the feeling is in no way wicked, as one or the other may think, but in a completely natural, playful,

Then it continues towards the "Bedruthan Steps". Since the low tide has not yet reached its peak and the part of the beach is not yet clear enough to walk to the other area, we go over some rocks through another cave to the beach section. Here too I hurry a little ahead of the group in my euphoria and hum the song of the little mermaid to me all the time. On the other side there is a small water stone kite, which lies directly on the large rock. A very adorable little creature that you can say “hello” ;) ;)

I can hardly sit still at the next mediation. It is almost as if the waves and the wind are shouting "come on and play with us". On the way back to the first beach you can already walk through the shallow water and I keep jumping towards the waves. Of all the places on the trip, this one appealed to me the most with his love of life, playfulness and freedom.

Back at the top, we take a taxi and drive about an hour north to Tintagel. Since there was only one guest house that could accommodate three of us, the others are each accommodated in one guest house. Accommodation is a youth hostel, which is of course not a matter of dispute. When I heard that it was right on the coast, I immediately called for it.

The next morning I will be rewarded for this decision with a fantastic view! After we all met in Tintagel around 10 am, we first go down to “Merlins Cave”. But since it is located directly on the Atlantic in a bay and the tide has already started again, we can only stay a few moments before we have to leave the cave again. Nevertheless, we still have time for a little meditation and I feel a magical depth in this place.

Next up is the castle. Once at the top, we make a few perceptions in different places and you can see how different the energy is. For example, I found one place difficult, which I associate with history and the people who used to live there. I actually saw cliffs and tombs in the fog. Then it goes forward to the cliffs. There the wind blows again and you can look far out to sea. Here I again feel the energy as lighter and in fact there is always a thought in my head: "If you want to kill yourself, this would be the most beautiful place to do it." It may sound a little extreme, but I have a very loving, calm feeling about it. No, I have no suicidal thoughts. Personally, I don't see killing myself as the solution to all things, because in the next life we ​​will get the same topics again. In my opinion, suicide is like sitting in school.

The next meeting point is at 6 p.m. at Merlin's Cave and we all still have a little time to do what we want. For some this means a shopping tour (which can also be done excellently in Tintagel), for me it means going down to the beach and into the water. The Atlantic is only a bit fresh at the beginning, but then very pleasant. I swim to the big rock. I used to pretend to be a mermaid. I often came from the swimming pool with red eyes from chlorine and the feeling that I could not breathe properly because I had swallowed too much water. What was also very popular was putting both legs in pajamas and crawling around in the hallway. At some point this part disappeared again, but I still found mermaids great. Only I no longer crawled in the pants with both legs in pants. definitely have one made. But the subject of mermaids came back to me at this very moment. Along with an understanding of the astral world. I knew as a child that mermaids really existed and stood at the North Sea back then, staring at the water for hours and was sure that I would have to see one every moment. At this moment on the stone, however, I feel like I'm not alone. I am thinking about how the fairy tale about the little mermaid could be interpreted and now I am immediately thinking of an astral mermaid who decided to incarnate as a person to help people in their development process. Alternatively or additionally, in my romantic imagination she could of course still fall madly in love with a person and have left her world for it and now be connected karmically with her great love. At some point I climb the rock all the way up and as I think about all of this, my tears come back. The thought of these beings, the sea and the energy that rule there touches me deeply. The world is much more magical than what most people imagine.

Back in the cave. Without the time pressure you can of course enjoy and perceive the place much better. I quickly realize that this is a very special place for me. I was with a shaman about a year earlier. There I got or chose two stones. One stone should stand for everything that blocks me and should be brought into nature somewhere relatively quickly. The second stone should go to a very special place, because it stood for everything positive in my life. As soon as I was told this, I knew that he should go to this island. At first I thought of Scotland. Throughout the trip I carried the stone with me to have with me when I found this place. Actually, I was thinking of coming back calmly the next morning. But suddenly everything became independent. Martin and I climb over the stones and through shallow water to the other side of the cave. Once there we sound and it is as if he led me directly to the place and then initiated the little ritual to end the big one. I go ahead and know that there is space here somewhere. So I let myself be guided by my feeling and the signs and finally find the place where I give the stone to the sea. Tears rise in my eyes and I sobbed to myself. I never would have thought that it would be so difficult for me to let a stone go. However, this stone, of course, was only a stone on the surface. In reality, it stood for much more. For letting go of the old and at the same time accepting and countering the new. At that moment I hear our group sound behind me and it sounds as if angels are singing. That really makes the tears flow and with each tear I let go of an old part and feel lighter and lighter.

When I'm finally ready to go back, only Reneta and Simone are standing at the entrance and sounding. I slowly walk up to them and stand in the circle. When we are finished, I thank the two with tears and am completely overwhelmed by my “stone delivery ritual”. Sounded to the place by a man, picked up by two women again. I can hardly believe what has just happened and feel deep gratitude and peace in me.

Due to the very eventful first two days in Tintagel, I decided to move the last two days and the resumé to the third part. I think that this part makes it quite clear that the geomagic trip is much more than a sightseeing trip and stimulates individual processes, which makes this type of travel something particularly valuable.

Here are the links to the website and the Facebook page of Martin and his geomagic trips:



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