Healing trip to Avalon 2014 part 1

This journey has stimulated so many inner processes that I would like to share it with you. In this part I will report a little bit about Glastonbury and Stonehenge. In the second part there is the rest of the travel report and a little insight into what happened to it in me? In any case, I can recommend this trip to everyone, no matter what phase and situation they are in at the moment. I can say in advance that this trip personally gave me a lot of clarity and a lot of confidence in life ...

It all started a year ago. I heard Marion Zimmer Bradley's audio books from the Avalon series and suddenly I knew “I have to go to the south of England”. I couldn't say exactly why, but it felt right and important. So I simply searched for an Avalon trip on the Internet and found it very quickly. One trip was led by a tour operator, the other by a private person. After comparing the two trips, I decided to take the “Geomagic Trip” with Martin Voltersen. The program items, as well as the price and the fact that there is no major tour operator behind it appealed to me more than on the other trip.

The meeting point was in London on Saturday evening. From there it went by taxi to Glastonbury. The journey there with the sunset and the increasing, narrow crescent moon was already magical and the anticipation for the coming week increased. We arrived in Glastonbury in the dark. The two of us were accommodated in a guest house. Not much could be seen in the dark, but the host of the Haydn house I was in was very nice and smelled wonderful in the reception room. Simone, with whom I shared my room, got the Lavender Room. I got the entire top floor consisting of a double room and a bathroom. When I set up something, I immediately had the feeling “fairies live here”. The whole house including the owner was just kind of magical.

The next morning I was up at seven and saw a piece of blue sky between the curtains. Enthusiastic about the weather, I opened the curtains and shouted "Oh my god!". I could look directly at the Abbey grounds and this view in the soft morning light was beautiful. I quickly went to the bathroom to shower, got dressed and explored Glastonbury a little. The air was fantastic. Flowers were everywhere and the shopping street showed that all of Glastonbury is a great shopping paradise for spiritual people. Despite the offer of consumption, however, you immediately noticed that the place is surrounded by magic that I have never felt anywhere else.

After breakfast our small tour group met and we went to Chalice Well together. There are the red and white springs and some of the town's residents fill their water there. The garden is very feminine, as the first fountain shows. After the introductory round we went straight to the first perceptions, which we then repeated in several places in the garden. In fact, I had the feeling that something was being pulled out of my mouth into the earth and I quickly connected this feeling with the amalgam, which is still partly from previous dental fillings in my mouth. Actually, I have had the plan to replace the fillings for some time, but I haven't done it with everyone yet. For me, this is the first sign: go to the dentist and exchange the amalgam! I've been drawn to the water for months. It is of course a little paradise for me at such a source in such a beautiful garden. I spend the last minutes in the sun at the large, first fountain (see photo), clean my rose quartz necklace and the necklace of the triune goddess with the white labradorite and enjoy the splashing of the water.

We continue to the old oak trees in Glastonbury. They are called Gog and Magog and are quite obviously very, very old. You don't know exactly how old. But the two gentlemen are very impressive! We meditate again here and I have the feeling that the two oaks near the Glastonbury Gate were used for transition rituals.

Then it went towards the gate. We first came to the side of the mountain via a small path. I could have spent hours lying and meditating in the incredibly fluffy grass and with the view of the country. Which would have ended relatively quickly in a long, restful sleep. The next stop before finally going up to the gate was a stone on which another woman was already meditating. I have rarely, if ever, touched such a soft stone. Again, the energy is very feminine and I am not surprised that it is used regularly for mediations.

Cross-country and steep uphill it goes up to the gate. In my romantic and dramatic performance, I've been up here several times and either zappily zappily through the gate straight into old Avalon or broke down in tears on the wall due to a violent flashback from another life. Did I already say that I have a penchant for the romantic-dramatic? Neither scenario has occurred. However, I found the place to be very powerful. A sublime calm set in me and I enjoyed the strong wind, after 9 years in Hamburg you are used to the view, the sun and the energy. I could have stayed there for hours. Look at the stars with a sleeping bag on the side slope in the fluffy grass.

The next morning we took a taxi to Stonehenge. The system is designed in such a way that visitors can walk around in a circle at a certain distance from the stones. The weather was wonderful. It was drizzling lightly, which was personally fantastic for me when I was currently demanding water. And it somehow fit and made the place a little more mystical. At first we could walk around the monument alone. I stopped halfway there and felt like I was in front of the entrance, because you could look straight through to the other side. I would have loved to run straight to the entrance. But I just stood there and was suddenly spellbound. Ritual chants of female voices played out again and again in my head. Crows flew around and I felt a strong connection to this place. However, since we all wanted to get together in a timely manner and Martin was sitting close on a bench, I slowly walked over to him. And there they came. Tears came to my eyes completely unprepared. I sat down on the bench and tried to find and understand the feeling. However, I was unable to look under my confusion.

So I just let the tears down until my emotions calmed down. Overall, what I found exciting about the trip was that the perceptions in the meditations often coincide or complement each other. So with Stonehenge Mediation I had the feeling that the large stones are more of a protection and a light beam flows upwards in the middle. I also saw a spiral in the middle of the stone circle. When you get involved with these perceptions, you or I sometimes still wonder whether my imagination is going through with me. But if there are other similar reports, it is always a very nice sign to trust your own perception. There is no right or wrong anyway.

The next step was towards Avebury. We passed a former crop circle, which was probably created there a few weeks earlier. It was exciting that where the crop circle was, the grass grew while the short stubble of the mown grain could be seen in the rest of the field. The crop circle consisted of a circle and fine lines on the outside. So to get to the center, you first had to go over the fine lines. At first I did not pay close attention to the lines of the crop circle because I was too busy collecting stones. I will probably make my own Stonehenge with the collected material in a few years, because I always take stones with me on every trip. Suddenly I felt like I was walking through an invisible wall. Wall is more likely. It was pretty much where the crop circle lines started. My heartbeat then accelerated in the crop circle inside and I got pressure on my chest. I started to loosen my scarf, which didn't help. How must it have been here when the crop circle was fresh? Somehow I had the feeling that this energy is not quite my thing, which is why I left the circle relatively quickly and moved away. Nevertheless, it was an exciting experience. that this energy is not really my thing, which is why I left the circle relatively quickly and moved away. Nevertheless, it was an exciting experience. that this energy is not really my thing, which is why I left the circle relatively quickly and moved away. Nevertheless, it was an exciting experience.

Avebury. There is a huge stone circle through which a road leads. Already while driving through, I noticed one of the larger stones, which is why I passed the others relatively quickly and hurried a little ahead of the group. But the huge stone with the “seat” in the middle immediately caught my eye. From there you can see a small group of trees. For everyone who will be there sometime: definitely go to the trees. There are also great “seats” there and the trees and roots are pretty impressive!

Then I went back to the meadow and sat centered on the two large stones, which probably formed the entrance to this stone circle, and enjoyed the sun and the energy of the place. The sunset, which unfortunately we could only experience from the taxi driving, was fantastic that evening.

The next morning the alarm clock rang at 5:00 a.m. Anyone who wanted could go up to the gate to see the sunrise. Half of our group had been able to pull themselves together and gathered on the mountain after the morning exercise. The sunrise was beautiful. Everyone was probably mentally involved in their own little ritual. I noticed the first rays of sun very energizing and thanked for the coming day. Life is a give and take and often giving is seen higher than taking. But both have to be in balance and receiving is also an important part. Therefore, I kept thinking to myself that I am ready to receive love and to accept all gifts and experiences that my higher self and the universe give me today.


Around 6:20 a.m. we went down together again. I have never felt so good, fresh and refueled at this time in the morning. Even if it is difficult to get up and get up in the morning, I can only recommend everyone to do this at least once and to greet the day from Glastonbury Tor.

Around 10 a.m. we went to Glastonbury Abbey, which is located directly on one of the so-called Ley lines. As I walked closer to the altar, I had the feeling of a stubborn priestess who doesn't like it that the shop is now taken over by the men and they have to bend over.

The area of ​​the Abbey is beautiful and there are many very nice corners to linger and meditate. It is particularly exciting to do this directly on the Ley line, which goes directly through the Abbey. For all fans of the Avalon or Artus Saga. Supposedly King Arthur is buried there?

We had the afternoon at leisure and most of them are probably inferior to the consumption frenzy, including me. ^^

The next morning the four of us went back to the Tor mountain to watch the sunrise. It was particularly nice this time that the country was a bit foggy. Then it was breakfast, packing suitcases and a little stroll through Glastonbury before the taxi was to take us to the Atlantic and Tintagel ...

It continues in the next part. If you are already interested in Martin's trip, you can either look directly at his website: http://www.geomagische-reisen.de/

Or just click on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/GeomagischeReisen?fref=ts

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