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What is a real hair band?

The real hair band is a cotton band with real hair. Each band is placed around the head and attached to the back of the head with a Velcro fastener. This guarantees a pleasantly tight fit and the upper scalp remains free, so that no heat can accumulate there. You wear a hat, a scarf or a turban over it. Here you can see the four connection options. The real hair band comes to you with the same long hair and can be cut at will. Each real hair band is made to measure and is made from 100% real hair.

If you want to do without a wig but not hair during the hairless period or if you want to have a change at home as an alternative to the wig, the real hair band is the optimal solution!

How do I care for the real hair band?

Wash as needed and use (eg after sweating more) to refresh the hair or band. However, at most every 2-3 weeks. Use a conditioner and treatment to keep the hair supple. Do not pull on wet hair. After the first wash, the hair structure becomes more natural. When dry, they can be smoothed or curled. The hair structure is smoothed by a straightening iron so that the hair shines beautifully again. You can support this with a glossy spray or care serum.

How do I measure my head?

Each consultation video shows you at the beginning where you have to attach the measuring tape in order to have the right dimensions for the respective connection variant. You put the tape measure on the neck at the level of the hairline, then place it over the tips of your ears to the forehead (also at the level of the hairline). Now you round up, because only whole numbers can be given in the shop.

Consultation videos in which the four connection variants are presented can be found in the menu item "Consultation" under "Real hair bands"


Hair colors

Please note that the colors may vary slightly from screen to screen due to different monitor settings. Since the hair is a natural product, colors can have minimal deviations depending on the delivery. We always have different color shades in stock. You are also welcome to send a photo by email. Please note that hair colors are not always easy to see in photos, as it is either too dark or you are standing in the sun and the hair often appears reddish or lighter than it is. A daylight photo is best suited.


BRONZE quality colours


SILVER quality colours

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