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Sometimes you meet a person and have the direct feeling that they have known him forever. There is an immediate familiarity, conversations are easy and flow and you look together in the same direction. It was exactly the same when Stefanie sent me an email in early 2017 and we called for the first time a short time later. The first time after five years because you are beautiful I had the feeling that I found someone (although she rather found me) who fits 100% with Because you are beautiful.

Since mid-2017 Stefanie has been giving advice on real hair bands in Stuttgart and Frankfurt am Main and the days because you are beautiful. Since I now live in England, she is available by phone for questions and phone orders for Because you are beautiful. Stefanie is a state-certified beautician (since 2005), certified oncological beautician and visagist and can therefore not only look at your hair, but also at your skin or give you makeup tips during the real hair band consultations on site. You can find her Waldfee page here:

Julia ist Gründerin von Weil Du schön bist

Stefanie führt das Geschäft

Bei Fragen zu unseren Echthaarbändern, für eine telefonische Beratung oder Bestellung könnt ihr uns unter 0157 374 98 664 oder per Mail erreichen.

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