One-sided 360 ° real hair band bronze quality

  • Delivery time: 2-3 weeks
  • Indian Remy human hair
  • The 2nd color is mixed in equal parts with the main color, the main color being in the top coat.
  • Example normal volume = 4 layers of hair:
    • 1st color on the first layer (top coat)
    • 2. Color on the second layer
    • 1st color on the third layer
    • 2. Color on the bottom layer (under hair)

470,00 940,00  VAT included



The one-sided 360 ° real hair band has hair in both the back and front area. Any hairstyle is possible. You can put the hair away to the side in the front area or have a bangs cut. By pushing the hair away to the side, the side part becomes fuller. Therefore, for example, it may be that the thick hair fits you with real hair band without bangs, but with normal one-sided 360 ° real hair band the normal hair volume is already sufficient.

From 40cm hair length you can wear the one-sided 360 ° real hair band the other way around. However, you should at least use the normal volume of hair to completely cover the scalp.


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