Double-sided real hair band bronze quality

  • Delivery time: 2-3 weeks
  • Indian Remy human hair
  • The 2nd color is mixed in equal parts with the main color, the main color being in the top coat.
  • Example normal volume = 4 layers of hair:
    • 1st color on the first layer (top coat)
    • 2. Color on the second layer
    • 1st color on the third layer
    • 2. Color on the bottom layer (under hair)

800,00 990,00  VAT included



This completely real hair band has hair on both sides. Fine hair is used in the front area. There you can have a pony or steps cut if necessary. The back (upper) area is made with normal hair volume, so that you can easily cover the scalp if you pull the hair up into a braid or bun.

In order to be able to wear the hair half open, you should leave the front area long enough from the height of your ears that you can still take the strands back to cover the cotton ribbon.

If you turn the real hair band over again with the normal hair volume "down", it can be worn quite normally with a hat or a cloth.

This real hair band can be combined particularly well with a thick hair band or chic hair band to be able to wear real hair at weddings or other celebrations.


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