Laying Cards

When I was a child I said “the future” to my girlfriend with a normaen Skart card deck and had a lot of fun doing it. Kartenegen has always interested and fascinated me. After my cancer and after slowly getting more and more access to spirituality, I rediscovered card reading. I have been drawing cards for myself and my girlfriend since 2012 and it is amazing what comes out of it.

For me, card reading is a loving way to get more clarity in a certain area of ​​life or on a certain topic. I do not want to answer specific questions, such as the outcome of an exam. I would much rather give help and advice on how to survive this situation or what can be learned from it. The same applies to questions about health and love. We are on earth to learn and grow. If a relationship fails in our eyes, the experience we have had with that relationship was important to our growth process. To say in advance that this is probably not the hoped for great love, usually only unsettles and may even take away the experiences we need to continue on our way.

Kartenlegungen kannst du auf buchen.

-Auf dem Weil du schön bist YOUTUBE Kanal gibt es nun regelmäßig auch Kartenlegungen für die Sternzeichen. Ein Video habe ich euch unten in die Seite eingefügt. Für weitere Videos schaut direkt bei Youtube.

Julia ist Gründerin von Weil Du schön bist

Stefanie führt das Geschäft

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