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Can I return my real hair band?

No. Every real hair band is made to measure and therefore cannot be taken back or exchanged.

Can I have my real hair band changed after delivery?

The volume and the connection variant can be changed afterwards. It is also possible to add another color. It should be noted that there is no hair reimbursement when the hair is reduced, for example from thick hair to normal hair, but additional costs arise from the change.

If you would like to have your real hair band changed, simply send it back to us after a short consultation by email or telephone, along with your change requests. You will then receive an invoice by email, which must be paid in advance. In the event of a change, the following costs arise for you:

Change hair volume: Difference to the real hair band volume + 60 euros + shipping costs
tie-on variant (basic model) Change: Difference to the real hair band volume + 60 euros + shipping costs
hair removed (volume or tie-up variant): 60 euros + shipping costs (returned hair will not be refunded)
Extension of the hair more than 2cm: 75 euros +
cotton tape and Velcro extend: 45 euros + shipping costs.

1 year warranty on processing!

If seams become detached within one year after the purchase of your real hair band or if the Velcro fastener no longer works, we will repair it free of charge!

Survey? No problem!

You measured yourself by 1-2 cm? Thanks to the large Velcro fastener, you should still be able to close your real hair band. However, if there is a gap at the back of your head that bothers you, we will also change this free of charge and add hair. The period for the free change is 14 days after receipt of the real hair band.

Do the health insurance companies cover the costs?

In the past, various health insurance companies have already paid for the real hair bands. However, we do not settle the accounts, you submit your invoice to your register and then get the money back. It is therefore a reimbursement of the costs after prepayment . .

Unfortunately, there are always clerks who only approve the assumption of costs if a wig is actually bought, even if the patient has only decided on a real hair band. However, it can be helpful to explain to the clerk why you cannot wear a wig and, if necessary, show him photos of you with a wig.

How do I wash your hair?

Wash the hair to refresh. However, at most every 2-3 weeks. Wash only often if there is really a need.

You can use normal shampoo from the drugstore. Best shampoo for hair in need of repair. Always use a conditioner. From time to time also a cure. Before combing, apply a spray cure that remains in the hair. Do not pull on wet hair! Comb carefully from bottom to top. Let it air dry. If you don't do it too often, you can blow dry them from time to time.

How can I pay?

The payment of the real hair bands takes place against prepayment by bank transfer or PayPal. The amount is due immediately after receipt of the order confirmation.

How long is the delivery time?

After we have received the payment, the real hair band will be sent. The delivery time depends on the stock of the desired hair and possible holidays and can therefore take 2-3 weeks.

What is the quality of the hair?

It is Indian hair. The standard quality lasts approx. 6-8 months with good care and correct handling. Premium quality Remy hair about twice as long.

Can I style and / or dye my hair?

Since it is real hair, you can do my hair anything you did with your own hair. Hairspray, foaming agent, care oils, volume powder etc. can be used to style the hair. You can also treat the hair with heat and, for example, straighten or curl your hair with a flat iron. We do not recommend bleaching your hair. However, you can always dye the hair with a commercially available dye.

How tight are the hairs sewn?

Since every real hair band is entirely handmade, it may be that a few loose hairs are sewn with it. These will then come loose the first time you comb. So it may be that some hairs come off at the beginning. However, this is not relevant since the hair, which really belongs to the real hair band, is firmly sewn.


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